About me

I've been making things simpler for some years now, in different roles at different organizations.

2020–nowADM InteractiveDesigning customer experiences, thinking about agile design processes and inclusive design.
2020FoodDocsImproved code quality and development processes as a UX engineer. Introduced a more accessible navigation pattern to replace layers of modals. Refactored CSS to remove complex old Bootstrap remnants.
2018–2020Estonian PostDesigned user flows and design system for internal Android and web applications. Moved all internal design processes to Figma. Mentored junior front-end developers regarding modern Javascript, proper CSS, and accessible HTML.
2016–2017SMITDesigned intranet experience for 2000+ users. Designed an internal incident management tool. Designed and architected the front-end solution for several public sector websites using Jamstack and Vue.js.
2015–2016GoWorkaBitWorked on the design and prototype of public website refresh. Started the transition to Vue.js of their job application wizard.
2014–2015ADNGamesAnalysed the information architecture and main workflows for a CRM product. Based on feedback turned this information into storyboards and mock-ups. Established the design language based on stakeholder feedback and branding needs.
2012–2014Brain GamesLearned the importance of understanding and anticipating customer needs in order to recommend board games based on player personality, rules complexity, and thematic preferences.
2011–2012Apollo BookstoreSold board games, movies, games, music, and books
2008–2011TTK UASStudied applied architecture, design thinking, art, and 3D modelling.
2007ExactConverted PSD files into valid HTML/CSS templates