Hardi Kõvamees is a designer and board gamer

Personal re-design of Carl Chudyk's trick-taking game Crash!
Diagram of best board games, sorted by recommended player count and weight rating
Personal re-design of William Attia's worker placement game Spyrium
Personal re-design of Emerson Matsuuchi's cube trading game Century: Spice Road
Digital score tracker for board games
Logo and other graphics for Tilt Impro Festival 2018
Role-playing game on a single card
Game design and illustrations for my party game of ridiculous characters competing in a magical relay race
Personal redesign of Uwe Rosenberg's bean-farming and trading game Bohnanza
Personal re-design of a fantastic little party game
Language-independent design for The City by Tom Lehmann
Graphic design and illustrations for an estonian-language word game
Minimal calendar generator for analog habit tracking