6 nimmt

Personal re-design of a fantastic little party game

One of my first personal re-designs

This was in some ways the game that started my re-design journey. On one hand a very playable game (2–10 players, no theme or written text), on the other a really simple graphical design (some numbers, some score marks), and at the time I also had plenty of free time I guess 😁.

Patapon and it's sequel Patapon 2 were two of the most interesting rythm games on the PlayStation Portable, a long time ago. I never played them, nor was I involved with consoles in general (other than the Nintendo DS Lite), but I found the visual style arresting enough and the screenshots/ promotional material gave me enough material for this re-theme.

Numbers are still numbers, but instead of the original scoring symbols, I used the PATA and PON sound effects. So I guess now the theme is to make less noise or something, since they are counted as negative points.. 😅.

Example of cards on the table

Included are also the "0" cards from 6 nimmt! Plus, but the base game itself is so good that the expansion doesn't see much play.

Instead of a box there's a cute pouch, originally meant for coins, but works A++ for a portable party game like this.

Pouch with the tiny deck of cards


Neutraface Condensed by House Industries was used for the numbers.